August 19: Vote NO on 1

The primary is coming up August 19, and your ‘no’ vote on ballot measure 1 is important! “Alaska Oil Tax Cuts Veto Referendum,” Ballot Measure 1 is a veto referendum on Senate Bill 21, an essential oil tax reform bill passed in 2013.

Many Alaskans have spoken out about why keeping these reforms is essential to Alaska’s economy, including some of our very own members.  Here is why they are voting ‘no’…

“Anchorage teacher and longtime Alaskan Ardy Robertson says oil tax reform will mean better schools and a better climate for her cake business.”


“Small business owners and their employees rally in Anchorage for oil tax reform.” Featuring ARWC members Chelsea Pohland and Julie Papasavas, both small business owners in Anchorage.


“Julie Papasavas is a lifelong Alaskan who says she is voting No on 1. As a small business owner she knows how important a good economy is to her own bottom line as. After a few years of watching her clients and her own business start to go down, she is crediting oil tax reform for giving everyone renewed confidence in Alaska’s economy.”


Kay Schuster, an Anchorage Teacher, is voting ‘no’ on 1 because more oil means more revenue for the future.


Still not sure? More information from the Alaska Division of Elections on this ballot measure is available online, and there is a detailed listing on Ballotpedia. Be sure to visit, and check out more videos on why Alaskans are voting ‘no’!


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