Support Amy & Help Make History

Support Amy & Help Make History

Amy Demboski doesn’t have the thousands in union money Ethan Berkowitz has. Her campaign is definitely grassroots, and we need all the support you can provide. Here is how you can help:

Want to know more about Amy?

Join her Facebook Page, and check out her website. You can donate to her campaign online at

Our radio ads have begun, and we hope to raise enough money to run a TV ad. Let’s show the Democrats that regardless of bringing Mark Begich’s complete campaign team to Anchorage that Republicans can still whup their butts!

We have two weeks. Please volunteer a few hours during that time:

Amy for Anchorage (Headquarters)
329 E. 5th Avenue, Anchorage
Phone: (907) 277-4AMY (4269)

For all of you who have donated and or volunteered, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Judy Eledge
Past ARWC President, and one of Amy’s Army

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