2012: Propositions on the Upcoming August Primary

Wondering about how to vote on the Ballot Measures that are coming up this August? We have prepared a little information for you to read about each initative so you can be informed when you go to vote August 28th. For more in depth reading, go here and read all about them.

Ballot Measure #1 – Bill Increasing the Maximum Residential Property Tax Exemption

This bill would allow a city or borough to raise the property tax exemption on a residence from $20,000 to at most $50,000. This kind of tax exemption must be put to a vote and approved at a local election. The bill also allows a city or borough to pass a law to adjust this exemption to reflect a raise in the cost of living.

ARWC Summary and Recommendations
The first one is giving seniors a $50,000 tax credit on their home. (That would be me!) In Anchorage we have a $20,000 tax credit currently. Some cities have none. Do we want the state telling municipalities what they can’t and can do? Even though there would have to be a local election would this be another unfunded mandate for our municipalities? Unfunded mandates tend to raise your taxes regardless. Not sure I want higher taxes in order to get a bigger discount. Sounds a little like a dog chasing his tail. Hey Legislators how about stopping the spending and we can lower the taxes?! Of course rural Alaska doesn’t have a tax base. Seems as if they have much in common with 48% who pay no federal income tax.

Ballot Measure #2 – Establishment of an Alaska Coastal Management Program

The second one is a little more difficult to understand. It is called “Establishment of an Alaskan Coastal Management Program.” The word establishment is always scary! Sounds like more government to me. I do know BM 2 is 15 pages long, more than twice as long as any other previous BM.The summary on the ballot will be 750 words. Prior to this, BM summary on ballot couldn’t exceed 150 words. Sound like “affordable health act?” When legislators get wordy that is not a good sign. Can I be guaranteed everyone has read and fully understands?

What I don’t like is 74% of Alaska’s population will get only 2 votes representing them on the 13 member board. (74% of population includes ANC, MatSu (1 vote); Kenai Peninsula (1 vote);
Interior, FAI (Zero votes). Sounds like rural Alaska will be in charge of this one!! I have attached with this newsletter a “fact sheet” on this issue.


Get out and vote!

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