President’s Message – May 2014

3 Days with a Republican Ninja!

Most of us remember when we thought our parents or older people were the dumbest and most out of touch people we knew. One of the worse things about getting older is in OUR minds we still think we are cool and know what is going on with the younger generation.

One of the things I have tried very hard to do as my tenure as President of ARWC is include younger women in our group. Many members of the current board are under the age of 45 and several barely wet behind the ears closer to 30 than 40!

It has been a fun time but sometimes challenging because you suddenly realize today’s younger generation doesn’t accept the “norm” very often.  I have been told, “We aren’t wearing an elephant on our shoulders.”  When asked what they wanted to wear they developed our current red Pumpline logo on a paper napkin! One birthday I received a plague that read, “Put on your big girl pants and get over it!” They have helped me realize that to work with the younger generation you have to let go and trust.  You have to trust they are just as Republican and conservative as you are and will carry the torch without us.

I also became acquainted with some other young people in the Republican Party during the past couple of years.  They were bright, outspoken and efficient but wanted changes within our party.  Some I hope to never meet again but there were many that are exactly what this party should be looking for in the future. They know more about the constitution of the US than most of us ever dreamed of knowing.

One of them became a good friend and until recently served as our Communications Chair for ARWC BOD.  She is a life long Republican who has worked hard in several races before coming to Alaska, and for a while, served as ARP Secretary.

Her expertise with the world of the Internet and all things communications has enabled us to do things we only dreamed of doing!  She just spent three days with this ole woman teaching her how she could become much more efficient on website, newsletter writing and sending out emails because she will be moving back to Virginia with her Coast Guard Hubby.

ARWC wants to thank our Ninja Alice for all of her hard work and for helping us realize that instead of painting all of one group with one color, we need to realize that many of them will fight to the death for the same core values and beliefs of liberty for all.

We will miss you Alice.  Keep up the good Ninja fight!

ARWC also wants to take the time to recognize Judy Rich, long-term member of the Board of Directors.  Judy has served on the board for the past 5 years as by-laws chair and with her pilot husband retiring she has decided to spend her time having fun with him.  Judy, we cannot tell you what your support and hard work has meant.  Bon Voyage and don’t forget to check in from time to time.

Judy Eledge



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