President’s Message – July/August 2014

Onward Ladies!

That seems to be the motto of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. Whether sponsoring a fundraiser for the Governor in May, a US Senate Debate in June, Summer Salad Luncheon in July or Cruise Event in August, ARWC women are busy informing the public, getting out the vote and electing Republicans to office.

During our spare time between events some of us became voter registrars, called at RNC call center, attended fundraisers and walked door to door and in parades to support our candidates of choice.

Don’t miss two more opportunities to get out the vote. Join ARWC this Thursday and August 5th from 5-8 PM calling voters that most likely will help us make Mark Begich a one time Senator! Come join us while we eat, drink and make calls at the RNC Call Center location: 4411 Business Park Blvd #10 (Corner of Tudor and C St. behind Cattle Co.) For more info go to ARWC Facebook under events.

Seems the best way to ensure success in the face of difficulty is just put your head down and keep on working! With the help of some of the best conservative women in Alaska that is just what ARWC continues to do.

Thanks to all you fine Republicans that showed up to all the events mentioned above and for your support when the going got tough. But the biggest thanks goes to our wonderful treasurer, Julie Papasavas. The words “grace under fire” don’t hold a light to you. You make us all proud!

Judy Eledge

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