President’s Message – September 2013

Today’s message is a short one with me readying for Kentucky and the upcoming events by ARWC. Our goal is to raise $30-40,000 this year in preparation of the upcoming elections. We are well on our way and I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and attending our events.

Our Straight Shooters event was sold out and we made $1,200.00. Our first Vision for Victory event this Monday is also sold out.

The members of this board work very hard to help this organization be successful.

Did you know that you can make monetary donations to ARWC? It is not something we speak about often, but you can. You can also donate air miles that we can raffle. We appreciate Senator Fairclough for doing just that last year. We are always open for ideas so if you have one, please contact me.

We also want you to know that we keep your personal information confidential. We do not share with campaigns, other Republican organizations (except for name and address submitted to AFRW) or anyone else. We respect your privacy and in today’s world that is smart.

We are having difficulty with venue and date of October event, but hope to share with you in the next week. Our annual meeting and fashion show has been changed to Tuesday November 12 in the evening. We are currently planning the Lincoln Day Dinner early next year and would love to have extra help if you are able and willing.

See you next time, when I hope to have some great information to share on my trip to the National Federation of Republican Women’s Convention in Kentucky.

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