AFRW Official Statement

Alaska Federation of Republican Women

Fool me Once, Shame on You. Fool me Twice, Shame on Me.

In 2006, our Republican women’s groups helped elect Sarah Palin as governor. We admit we got burned.

If Alaskans follow Sarah Palin again, there is only one place that can lead – back to the chaos and dysfunction that characterized her time as governor.

Sean Parnell came into office on the ruby-red high heels of that bizarre, drama-filled chapter in our state’s history. He quietly took charge and began the messy business of actually governing. The dysfunction dissipated and Alaskans settled into a new normal, minus the media circus.

Sarah needs to claim victory in Alaska to assure continued lucrative contracts with FOX News and other media outlets. She’s back in the news telling a Washington reporter she hopes to run for office someday soon – and she’s supporting her good friend Bill Walker, who’s just like her.

Bill Walker skipped the 2014 August Primary. When the Democratic Party met and decided they couldn’t win with their legitimate Primary nominee, they formed an unholy alliance with Walker, a man whose political positions and core values don’t match up with theirs.

Let’s not allow history to repeat itself. This time, let’s really take a stand and truly put Alaska first. Vote for Sean Parnell for governor on Nov. 4.

Rhonda Boyles, President
On behalf of the AFRW Board of Directors and our 600 Members Statewide

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