President’s Message – June 2013

The Many Facets of the Republican Party

An organization like a precious stone is made up of many facets.  Since most organizations are made up of humans those facets are often as diverse as human DNA.

In order for an organization to thrive and grow they must recognize and respect those different facets. There is no better example of this than the Alaska Republican Party.  Republicans are often described as not being as diverse as Democrats but I find the Republican Party extremely diverse in varying ideas, values and thoughts.

Within in an organization lacking strong leadership, this diversity will often cause a lack of trust and loyalty, create turmoil and sometimes even chaos.  The events of the Alaska Republican Party over the past 18 months most certainly mirror this.  It has been a tough time for anyone involved.  It has had people questioning long time friendships and the ethics of others.  During this time of turmoil, one facet tries to explain and justify actions of others and another facet fights to be heard but often lacksthe power to be allowed to speak so they scream! The other facets silently sit in discomfort.  All the facets outside the turmoil just questioned whether they want to remain a Republican.

So, the stronger facets began to play  “situational ethics,” where the situation at the moment defines your ethics. The other facets are not too sophisticated and manage to make their facets appear dull. The silent facets continue to sit in discomfort and begin to move toward the stronger facets.

Where are all the facets with courage?   Oh, there were a few, but it takes real courage to speak the truth. Truth has no agenda and people who have agendas rarely care about the truth and they will do anything to silence the facets with courage. Sometimes the facets with courage face unpleasant consequences so many begin to back away.  Only a few of the toughest facets remained.

So what doour facets look like today?   Most of our facets look the same.  All of the facets that didn’t match have mostly been cut away. Such a shame!  All I can think of is what a wonderful opportunity it would have been to make us a stronger organization with many different facets.


Judy Eledge

President ARWC


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