President’s Message – February 2013

For all of you wondering what is going on with the leadership of the Republican Party, I have posted comments from one of the most respected Republican woman I know. Julie Gillette has been a member of the State Executive Committee, involved in the Valley Republican Women’s Club and is currently serving as secretary for the Alaska Federation of Republican Women.

“Last night brought significant change for the Alaska Republican Party. The second hearing was held for charges filed against the Chair Elect and Vice Chair Elect. Both were due to be seated officially as Party Chairmen on February 1, 2013. After evidence and testimonies were fairly heard, the SEC voted to remove the Chair Elect hours before he was to serve. Less than an hour before midnight, our Vice Chair Elect, Debbie Brown, won her hearing and today she is our Chair Woman. She showed great passion, courage, and tenacity. She came prepared to win and prepared to lead. She has consistently advocated for Party unity and her actions have consistently matched her words.

I look forward to working with Debbie as we move forward to heal the division that was caused these past few months. It was very difficult for many of us that worked hard as delegates to see this happen to our elected leadership, however, having the privilege to attend the entire hearing, and see the deliberations and evidence presented, and I stand by the decision of the Board. I hope we can grow from this experience and ask that we support our new Chairwoman and encourage her as she takes on her new role.”

As president of ARWC we stand with Julie in welcoming our new Chair. The past few months have been difficult where questionable behavior was seen on both sides of the issue. I have worked with Debbie for many years on the State Central Committee and know she is committed to an open and transparent leadership. We have elected a great team of legislators to represent us in Juneau. Many of us are ready to help Debbie in her effort to lead a team of committed Republicans in support of that effort. We hope you will join us.

Judy Eledge

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